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Are you curious to know what happened to the Armstrong family and their friends after the First World War? Click on the photographs to find out more about their lives.

Captain Marcus Beresford Armstrong

Captain Marcus Beresford Armstrong

Rosalie Armstrong

Rosalie Armstrong

Ione Armstrong

Ione Armstrong

Jess Armstrong

Winona 'Jess' Armstrong

Tommy Armstrong

Lisalie 'Tommy' Armstrong

Katrine ‘Nitter’ Baird

Courtney 'Brock' Brocklehurst

Basil Stanlake Brooke

Sylvia Brooke

General Sir Henry de Beauvoir De Lisle

William Lindsay Everard

Tommy Fairfax Ross

Captain Robert Gee

Catherine ‘Heppie’ Hepburn

Dorothy ‘Doddie’ Hubbard

Frank Stanley Layard

Anthony Fritz Maude

Marcus ‘Markie’ Maude

Colonel Redmond Barry ‘Algie’ Neill

Colonel Redmond Barry ‘Algie’ Neill

Patrick 'Paddy' Neill

Edward Haggarty Parry

Major Roland ‘Pilse’ Pillinger

Lieutenant-General Sir Thomas D’Oyly Snow

Blanche ‘Blanchie’ Somerset

Captain Vaughan Adrian Philipps ‘Pokes’ Stokes

Mary Bushby Stubbs

Captain Henry Archdale 'Mouse' Tomkinson

Major-General John ‘J.V.’ Vaughan

Lisalie Marie ‘Zoo’ Maude

Irene ‘Reenie’ Wills

Friends we lost along the way