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How can I cease to pray for thee? Somewhere
In God’s great universe thou art to-day;
Can He not reach thee with His tender care?
Can he not hear me when for thee I pray?

What matters it to Him who holds within
The hollow of His hand all worlds, all space,
That thou art done with earthly pain and sin?
Somewhere within His ken thou hast a place.

Somewhere thou livest and hast need of Him:
Somewhere thy soul sees higher heights to climb;
And somewhere still there may be valleys dim,
That thou must pass to reach the hills sublime.

Then all the more, because thou canst not hear
Poor human words of blessing, will I pray,
O true, brave heart! God bless thee, wheresoe’er
In His great universe thou art to-day!”

Description: Handwritten copy by Irene Wills of Julia C. R. Dorr’s hymnal Somewhere attached to the letter
Date: 26 May 1918
Source: Armstrong Collection
Identifier: P6/1276 (15), 2 of 2